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LTO Ultrium, LTO Cartridge

Produktfamilie LTO IBM

LTO ULTRIUM storage media: LTO 8, LTO 7, LTO 6, LTO 5, LTO 4, LTO 3, LTO 2(1)

Linear Tape Open LTO is a technology developed by IBM, HP and Seagate. An essential feature of LTO is the open standard. The LTO Ultrium technology can therefore be found in compatible products from multiple technology vendors with high capacity, performance and reliability. Sinus offers LTO media from IBM.

What distinguishes LTO storage media?

LTO is a very flexible and reliable high-performance tape technology with continuous development. LTO offers an optimal solution for both stand-alone and automated environments. With the latest LTO generation, LTO 8, a storage capacity of 12.0 TB - 30.0 TB is available.

LTO advantages & features

LTO is ideal for data-intensive backups and archiving in networks and high-end servers.
LTO 1, LTO 2 and LTO 3 can accommodate compressed capacities from 200 GB up to 800 GB.
LTO 4 Capacity 1,600 GB (1.6TB).
LTO 5 storage media have 1.5 terabytes of native and 3.0 terabytes of compressed storage capacity at data transfer rates of 280 MB/second (2:1 compression).
LTO 6 media have a storage capacity of 2.5 terabytes native and 6.25 terabytes compressed at data transfer rates of 525 MB/second (estimated compression 2.5:1).
LTO 7 media have a storage capacity of 6.0 terabytes native and 15.0 terabytes compressed at data transfer rates of 300 MB/second.
LTO 8 media have a storage capacity of 12.0 terabytes native and 30.0 terabytes compressed at 360 MB/second data transfers

LTO 3 WORM, LTO 4 WORM, LTO 5 WORM, LTO 6 Worm, LTO 7 WORM and LTO 8 WORM is for data that, once it has been saved, can no longer be change and can only be read.


Labelling and initialization service
Data backup tapes are increasingly being used for automated systems. Labelled backup tapes enable you to mark your media in a distinctive way, avoid confusion and prevent accidental overwriting of data in automated systems.

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